Greetings human, welcome to the home of Nice Lizard. Here you will find information about games with the Nice Lizard stamp. Our first game Ramblast is playable right here and completely free, find the download link and jump straight into the fun. Enjoy.


Nice Lizard aim to deliver casual games with tactical depth. Easy to learn, hard to master is our formula. Nice Lizard games are build with a multiplayer focus but always playable solo. We love tactical games and believe that it is important to create the kind of games we would play ourselves.

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Mar 2015 - Astro Frog updated to 1.1, now with shield 

Jan 2015 - Astro Frog has released on Google Play and the App Store.

Jan 2015 - Astro Frog (new game) is incubating.

Nov 2014 - Ramblast has released on the App Store.

Oct 2014 - Ramblast is now also available for MacOS.

Oct 2014 - Ramblast has released for Android.

Oct 2014 - Ramblast is playable as Windows, Linux or Java application.


Ramblast is a battleship inspired game with a twist.

  • Turn based, tactical gameplay.
  • Friendly Tutorial to get you started.
  • Play vs friends and random players all over the world.
  • Friends list with online status and challenge option.
  • Play single player vs a clever AI.
Ramblast is availble on several platforms, making it possible to play against your friends whether they are on a computer, phone or tablet.

Play Ramblast now - Free.

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