Astro Frog

Astro Frog is a classic Frogger inspired game.

Astro Frog needs your help crossing the Galaxy.

Tap to move Astro Frog and avoid the Asteroids


  • Easy to play but hard to master.
  • Styled like it was 1984.
  • Endless amount of increasingly harder levels.
  • 100% Free

Version 1.1 update:

Astro Frog will now charge up a shield. Once the shield is fully charged, it will absorb the hit from one Asteroid and then fade. A full shield charge takes 8 levels.

And remember.. In space, no one can hear you croak

Astro Frog is availble on the App Store and Google Play.

Get Astro Frog from Google Play

Get Astro Frog from the App Store

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