Janus Kjempff

Curriculum Vitae - Janus Kjempff

Curriculum Vitae


Janus Kjempff
Willemoesgade 40, 3
8200 Århus N
Tlf: 24832669
Email: kjempff@hotmail.com
www.kjempff.com / www.nicelizard.com
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Born: 1972


Pragmatic developer with broad knowledge and high adaptability. Focused on delivering solutions in the productive sweet-spot between theory and practice.

Writes and designs readable and maintainable code in all c type languages, with 10 years java, 5 years c++ and 1 year c# experience. Effective bug-hunter who can navigate complex systems. Good system designer because of my versatile history, with a dominant "keep it simple" approach and preference of transparent technology.

I can work independently with self drive as well as in groups. Accepting of different personalities and a positive "let’s make it work" attitude.



Job Experience

Various oct 2018 – today  |

Job hunting. Working on own game idea, describing features, and creating small proof of concept programs like testing various game pathfinding concepts, entity behavior, networking and integration with improbable.io, both in Unity3D and libGDX. Reading up on theories of container technologies, agile methods, microservices, and what else is moving.

Keywords: Unity3D, libGDX, improbable.io, Java, C#

Programmer apr 2018 – sep 2018  | Skals Data

Freelance programming and assistance on various smaller projects mostly based on Visual Basic for Office. Stock watcher with possible future auto trade functionality. Outlook plugin for journal managing to small business accountants/lawyers. A few days or a week of work here and there, and I should add that we got 5 years of on-off sparring, startup ideas, joint projects and prototypes, mostly self funded.

Keywords: Visual Basic, C#

Various, Self sep 2017 – mar 2018  | Nice Lizard (me)

Worked on some games and business ideas, prototyping and trying to raise interest and funding. Various startup business partners involved. Unfortunately none of the ideas took form and we lacked the business insight or funds to make it happen.

Keywords: libGDX, Unity3D, Java, C#

Game Programmer, Freelance jul 2017 – aug 2017 (2 months) | Huusmann Media

Developing extension to mobile game Hotdog Heroes.

Actually, a long running game project that I designed in 2016. Been working on and off in small batches since. Also a small update in 2018.

Developed in Unity3D, responsible for game design, code and all tech stuff (anything but graphic&music assets)

Keywords: Unity3D, C#

Game Programmer, Freelance sep 2016 – dec 2016 (4 months) | NDA

Programming game functionality and UI based on design documents and final photoshop graphics. My role also included libGDX expert guidance, optimizations for mobile and general code design improvements..

LibGDX is a java based game development framework that wraps OpenGL, and builds to mobile, html5, desktop.

Code cleanup & optimization, feature programming.

Keywords: Java, libGDX, OpenGL, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Gimp, Android, iOS, Gradle


Game Developer, Freelance sep 2015 – sep 2016 (1 year, 1 month) | Stillplay games aps

C/C++ programming and game design.

Working from home in a 3-man team with a constant Skype connection. Developed with C++ in Visual Studio using SDL2 game library and Chipmunk physics engine. Job included game design, testing, code optimization, feature development, OpenGL coding.

Keywords: SDL2 lib, Chipmunk physics engine, OpenGL, C++, Visual Studio, Gimp, SVN

Unity Developer, Freelance jun 2015 – sep 2015 (4 months) | Amazu Media

Unity3D game programming. Reponsible for all tech and programming of chapter 3 of the game Light Apprentice.

Keywords: C#, Unity3D, SVN, JSoN, Visual Studio


Freelance Developer aug 2012 – jun 2015 (2 years, 11 months) | Nice Lizard (me)

Freelance work and multiple startup projects from business concepts to game projects.

Design & coding of 2 self published iOS/Android games, and 5 unreleased games.

Freelance programming on a turn based multiplayer board game (NDA).

Freelance programming Android app with beacon/location service (www.emplate.it)

Java programming of games, android apps, mostly with a java backend either socket based or tomcat/web based.

Keywords: REST, LibGDX, Unity3D, C#, Android, iOS, Java, mySql, Tomcat, netty.io (NIO), websocket, OpenGL, xml, json, html5, Gradle, jQuery, Gimp, Eclipse, Visual Studio, networking protocols, Linux/Windows server management.

Game company: www.nicelizard.com

Freelance company: www.kjempff.com

System Developer apr 2008 – mar 2011 (3 years) | Inport A/S

System development on Port and Terminal system PICit (SaaS). Responsible for development of a new graphical user friendly version of a "OneStop" container booking system. Worked with integration to various 3rd party systems, toll webservices, and terminal systems. Developing proprietary java Swing components, optimizing and fixing bugs on old systems, development of smart printing using Apache FoP. Standby for 24h customer service.

Keywords: Java, Swing, xml & xsl, Webservice, Progress/4GL database, SQL, jdbc, Apache FOP, Linux


Spare parts assistant & IT responsible may 2006 – mar 2008 (1 year, 11 months) | Hastrac A/S

Website development, IT responsible, spare parts assistant, graphics work, answering phones and whatever needed to be done. Small lawnmower & spare parts import company.

Keywords: C5, Tomcat, Java, jsp/servlet, pdf, html, Gimp


Various jan 2004 – apr 2006

Multiple non it relevant jobs. A self searching period/crisis where I was not sure whether this developer thing was me. Travelling, warehouse jobs, unemployed, temp jobs, and I even a few months as a taxi driver.


System Developer feb 1998 – jun 2003 (5 years, 5 months) | Stibo Graphics A/S

Programming CD-ROM solutions and b2b websites based on Oracle database, using C++ and java. Responsible for scripting advanced windows install programs. System designing and development of the first RS-components “cd-rom on web” solutions with order system and e-procurement. Later designing and responsible for development of the web-client to the massive oracle Step database. All web was made with java servlets/jsp and running on WebSphere.

Also involved with release planning, running operations and on-call tech standby.

One of the biggest customers being RS Components with more than 500.000 products.

Keywords: C++, Java, WebSphere, Oracle, PL/SQL, InstallShield, jsp/servlets, xml & sgml, xslt, javascript, html

Temp & Development apr 1994 – nov 1996 | Industriens Vikar Bureau

Working as industry temp, everything from production to cleaning up after fires and water damage (ISS skadeservice).
More relevant, also developed a Microsoft Access based system for keeping track of their emplyees history and current whereabouts, and their reported hours including invoice creation.

Keywords: Microsoft Access


System Developer apr 1994 – nov 1996 (2 years, 8 months) | Sign-Tronic A/S

Programming the windows client for RIP solution system based on Sun Server with Windows and Mac clients. Very large data files needed to be run through RIP and sent to large size printers and sign-cutting machines. Also involved with the sofware side of development of a big format silk frame printer called Sign-Tronic Stencilmaster tm, this included critical real time thread programming to prepare data and feed the printer, coded in Visual C++.

Keywords: C++, RIP, realtime/thread programming



Informatik assistent 1991 – 1993 (2 years) | Ikast Edb skole



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Advanced in writing, Solid when spoken