Ramblast is a battleship inspired game with a twist.

Take the lead of a not so sheepish army of Woolly heroes in this turn based strategy game. Do battle on the green pastures of Ramland, and lead your Sheep to victory. With bright and humorous cartoon style and sound effects, combined with simple but tactical elements, Ramblast is sure to bring a smile to your face.


  • Turn based, tactical gameplay.
  • Friendly Tutorial to get you started.
  • Play vs friends and random players all over the world.
  • Friends list with online status and challenge option.
  • Play single player vs a clever AI.
  • Unique ability, the Bomb - take out multiple Sheep.
  • Unique ability, Grass - Delicious grass lures the enemy General.
  • Unique ability, Radar - Spy on random enemy positions.

Ramblast is availble on several platforms, making it possible to play against your friends whether they are on a computer, phone or tablet.

Play Ramblast now - Free.