Janus Kjempff

Astro Frog is a classic Frogger inspired game. Oldschool arcade style gameplay and style.

Released on App Store and Google Play 2015.

Tech: libGDX 

Roles: Tore Poulsen - Visuals, Janus Kjempff - The rest.

"one week from idea to release"

Ramblast is a turn based multiplayer game, based on classic Battleships with a twist, and a humorous approach. You play as an aspiring sheep for control of the green Baaaahttle fields. Slay your friends or play against a bot AI, and earn battle stars. A typical battle takes less than 3 minutes and players need to take their turn within 30 seconds, which creates a good gameplay flow.

Ramblast is playable on Android and IOS devices, aswell as Windows, Mac OS, Linux or anything with java.

Gameplay videos Game vs AI and Ingame Tutorial.

Tech info:

Client is made with libGDX , server is a NIO server based on Netty with a mySql database.

Every move is approved by the server, which mean we can prevent cheating, but also that it cannot be played offline. Friends online status is shown in the friends list and challenges can be made to any online friend. Random opponents are matched with any pending challenges. The bot AI is acting like it was a normal player, connecting to the server and reacting to moves from its opponent player. The server application has been tested to handle atleast 100000 requests per second, and reply within 1ms - This is possible because database access is limited to key situations.

Roles: Thomas-Bo Huusman - Coordinator/Producer , Jeppe Broe Døcker - Animations/Gameplay, Tautvydas Kazlauskas - Graphics, Christian Fernando Perucchi - Music/Sound, Tore Poulsen - GUI, Janus Kjempff - Gameplay/Programming/System Design.

Codename "Wicked Wabbit TD" (name yet to be decided) is tower defence game and my first game project. I am a huge tower defense fan, and having played just about everything worth trying, I decided to create one with all the good features from my favorite ones. It was very ambitious, too ambitious so during the process I had to scale the project down. The game is playable as is, but the project is on hold till a time where I can get better graphics on it.

Wicked Wabbit TD is playable on Android and IOS devices, aswell as Windows, Mac OS, Linux or anything with java.

Gameplay videos Cannons & ArrowsFlamesStun Smiley and Sentry.

Tech: Made with libGDX, optimized to 60fps on touch devices.

Roles: Janus Kjempff - Programming/Game Design/Graphics(based on royalty free images)/UI/Everything